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Posted: 08/22/2023

For SUD Programs:
- The Diagnostician must be a fully licensed clinical social worker or fully licensed professional counselor in the State of Missouri.
- Must have at least (1) one-year experience in treating persons with substance use disorders. 

For Mental Health Programs: 
- Master's degree in social work, psychology, or related field.
- Must meet the Department of Mental Health's criteria for a qualified mental health professional.

Job Duties:
- Review assessment information/documentation of person(s)-served completed upon initial intake.
- Complete an Eligibility Determination for each person served within 24 hours of admission.
- Conduct a face-to-face diagnostic interview with person(s)-served and complete all required admission screenings.
- Demonstrate a working knowledge of the DSM and familiarity with the diagnostic criteria sets of all substance use and mental health disorders.
- Development of the recovery care plan for person(s)-served with SMART goals, objectives and interventions.
- Assure written reports to appropriate persons or agencies are completed in a timely manner.
- Complete Interpretive Summary based on assessment data and the diagnostic interview.
- Works with Clinical Team in assigning person(s)-served to appropriate treatment services.
- Maintain/improve professional competencies through training activities and/or other educational means.
- Participates in clinical staffing of person(s)-served to include attendance of meetings and/or written notes regarding person(s)-served cooperation and participation with program expectations.
- Adherence to all applicable evidence-based practice models.
- Assure program operates within the constraints of the agency's certification standards and strategic plan related to clinical care.
- Abide by program and agency policies and procedures.
- Other job duties and special projects as assigned.

Core Competencies / Working Knowledge
- Demonstrate a working knowledge of diagnostic criteria sets for substance use and/or mental health disorders.
- Demonstrate corporate vision in day-to-day activities.
- Demonstrate corporate values in day-to-day activities. (Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, Empowerment, and Compassion)